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***My best wishes to all for this New Year ***


Amma devant le Parthénon


To all my children

2014 has been the year of a big gift : the Dharmasuya Mahayaga lead by Sri Tathâta. This was a great moment in history, and  we are yet to fully realize its immense impact over the whole of humanity and Mother Earth. We were able to witness its first results in the months that followed :

Sri Tathâta’s international tour was a great success;

thanks to all of you , thanks to your good work, your wholeharted effort, Dharma is now flowering in many places.

A million thanks to each one of you!

I wish you, with the heart of a Mother, to follow the path of Dharma in full happyness and to reach the ultimate goal of your life.

Live this , be brave

Live this, be joyful,

Live this and shine!

As a Mother’s, my heart is always with you, in the plans you make, in your actions, in your family life.

May  Sri Tathâta’s light bless you with graces, throughout the year 2015 and forever!

With all my love

Maïtreyi Amma

Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om


May 29 – June 9, 2014

In order to prepare the coming of Śrī Tathāta in November next, Maïtreyi Amma accompanied by a small group visited in Athens, Delphi and Santorini again.

Read the report.

A PILGRIMAGE to our Lady of LAUS (near Gap, Hautes-Alpes)

6 and 7 September 2014

Maïtreyi Amma will go on a pilgrimage to our Lady of Laus on 6 and 7 September this year.

Notre Dame du Laus

See the flyer and registration form for this special time with Maïtreyi Amma.

Maïtreyi Amma in the United States

From 12 to 18 may, Maïtreyi Amma went to the United States, in the State of New York where Śrī Tathāta was holding several programs and important meetings.
On may 14th, Śrī Tathāta and the Indian delegation, accompanied by Maïtreyi Amma, and a group of  several French, Italians and Canadians, went to the United Nations, where Śrī Tathāta gave a conference in a room that has been dedicated to yoga and meditation for  forty years, thanks to the efforts of Sri Srhine Moy. Many prominent persons working at the United Nations came to meet Śrī Tathāta.

Between 2005 and 2010 Maïtreyi Amma went several times to the United States, and during one of these trips, she has had the opportunity to pray in the chapel of the United Nations for  peace, for  the spreading of Dharma and for the coming of Śrī Tathāta in this great country.

Maïtreyi Amma New York 1

Maïtreyi Amma New York 2

Maïtreyi Amma New York 3 Sri Tathata

Śrī Tathāta in front of U. N. 

Maïtreyi Amma New York 4 Voiture Obama

A Divine coincidence: coming out of the United Nations, while we were waiting for the car to leave, we were surprised to witness the passage of the presidential motorcade, as president Obama came to New York to inaugurate the Museum of September 11!
May 15: program at hte  Columbia University. Śrī Tathāta addressed students, researchers and teachers from the Science and Spirituality Department of this great Columbia University.

Maïtreyi Amma New York 5

Private meeting with teachers and students

 Maïtreyi Amma New York 6

Śrī Tathāta being introduced by  the Director of the Department for Science and Spirituality

The theme of the conference was:

Is love at the centre of creation?
Come and listen to a sage’s answer

The following program was held at Croton Falls on Sunday, may 18, around one hour upstate New York, in a chapel where Maïtreyi Amma had already come in 2010 on an invitation by Deborah Moldow. Maïtreyi Amma had her met during her  first trip in 2005 to speak about Śrī Tathāta.
Deborah Moldow is a reverend of  this Chapel, which is very open to Ecumenical meetings; during their first meeting, she had been struck by Maïtreyi Amma’s personality and was very happy to be with her again and prepare a programme for Śrī Tathāta.
Deborah is the representative to the United Nations of the World Peace Prayer society, an  American organization which is related to Byakko and to  Ms. Sajonji, since several years.
A coincidence in dates had it so that the Symphony of Peace Prayer was to be held  during the very same period as Śrī Tathāta programs.
When Maïtreyi Amma first came to the US,  Deborah had told her about the Byakko organization based in Mount Fuji and led by Ms. Saionji: a peace movement which has established many centres around the world. In 2010, on Ms. Saionji’s, Maïtreyi Amma had travelled to Mount Fuji and had the  6000 attendees to chant OM.
On this  may 18th Sunday, at Croton Fall, Deborah had organized an ‘interfaith’ meeting in the Chapel, to celebrate this Peace Prayer Day and invited  Maïtreyi Amma, along with several others speakers:

  • Bear Walker, representing the first people, who prayed with his shamanic drum
  • Rev. Melanie Gambino, also an  interfaith from the Sufi tradition, who initiated us to Sufi dancing
  • Shoshana Mitrani Knapp, who is a rabbi and  explained the 3 letters of the word SHALOM, which means peace, and also contains the sound Om
  • Reverend  Hans Hallundbaek, pastor of the chapel of Croton Falls read the beautiful prayer for peace by  St. Francis of Assisi (Lord make me…) , reminding us  that the new Pope, who chose his name, lives in the very same spirit as this great Saint.

Maïtreyi Amma New York 7

Maïtreyi Amma warmly thanked Deborah for her invitation, then expressing her gratitude as a Frenchwoman, to the American people and the soldiers who came to France in 1944;
Maïtreyi Amma explained that at the spiritual level, France was in debt to  all those young men who gave  part of their youth, and sometimes even their very  lives to free the countryso it was no wonder to  her that Śrī Tathāta should come to bless this great country with his presence.
She spoke with so much heart and simplicity that everyone was deeplymooved , and could feel the down flow of a beautiful energy of love. Then she lead all participants into chanting 3 OM  and 3 Gayatris.

Unfortunately Maïtreyi Amma could not attend the entire program, because she had to leave for Europe on that same day.  It is with immense joy that Maïtreyi Amma attended Śrī Tathāta’s  American program.

Maïtreyi Amma New York 8Deborah speaking

Maïtreyi Amma New York 9Maïtreyi Amma

 Maïtreyi Amma New York 10



«Men and  women for a new time» – 23, 24 and 25 may 2014

With this cycle of teachings offered to both men and women, Maïtreyi Amma will transmit Vedic knowledge adapted for  the West.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to live with awareness so as to see all aspects of their incarnation bloom.

Download the flyer

SILENCE  RETREAT at  « Le Jardin de Safran »

Maïtreyi Amma - silence

In July Maïtreyi Amma offers a 6-day  silence retreat:

Experience the sound of that silence
we all long for.

Le Jardin de Safran provides an ideal place for contemplation and peace. It is in the heart of its beautiful scenery that Maïtreyi Amma will help us experience the inner movements of our five senses, in close communion with the elements of nature, during those six days.
We will experience various states that lead to the most subtle levels of perception, till we reach the pure vibration of the sound of silence.
During her retreats in the Himalayas, Maïtreyi Amma experienced all the major levels of silence, which makes a retreat with her a unique opportunity.
A Darshan will end this consciousness elevation week.

Download the flyer.


Back from India, Maïtreyi Amma undertook a new tour in March and April 2014, in connection with the Dharmasuya Mahāyāga, to explain what actually happened during this great event, and give people spiritual help in their endeavour to integrate this new energy.

21 March: Toulouse – download the flyer.

22 March: Beziers (Montagnac) – download the flyer.

24 March: Aix-en-Provence – download the flyer.

25 March: Valencia – download the flyer.

28 March: Vichy – download the flyer.

29 March: Clermont – download the flyer.

March 31: Périgueux – download the flyer.

12 April: Colmar – download the flyer.

13 April: Paris – download the flyer.

14 April: Le Mans – download the flyer.

15 April: Bourges – download the flyer.


« THE PRESENCE of the MAHAYAGA through the life of  great PROPHETS’ – »
April 19, 20 and 21, 2014

Download the flyer

Slide show of the November 2013  tour in SPAIN -

Here’s a slideshow report  of the last tour in Spain of Maïtreyi Amma.

You can download it here.



My dear children

This new year brings us a new time that shows us how lucky we are ,for the Divine will come to us through the February 2014 Dharmasữya Mahayaga which will be conducted by Śrī Tathāta to nourish us and help us live on Earth according to the noble dharma.

It is a wonderful gift the skies are offering us. At the time of our birth, we were given the promise that the Divine would always be with us, and here we are faced with this promise, which manifests itself in an extraordinary manner.
One one word comes to our lips: thank you Śrī Tathāta, thank you for this great help to our extremely troubled  world!
My dear children, my dearest wishes will be with you  in this very special year .

May the Graces of this Dharmasữya Mahayaga bless you and give you all your soul has been wanting for so long!
May your path be eternally enlightened so you can live life on Earth to its full flowering!
May your life become the Life that was designed for us  by the Divine at the very beginning of the adventure called  incarnation.

May Peace, Love and Light be in your hearts.
Hari om tat sat
Maïtreyi Amma

News from the Spain, Portugal, Madeira and Greece tour

On the last day of the Novaratri celebrations in Varishtapuri, Śrī Tathāta blessed Maïtreyi Amma for her to go and  spread Dharma in new countries and announce the 2014 Dharmasooya Mahayaga.
It was the wish of Śrī Tathāta that the greatest number of nationalities be represented in this great spiritual event.
Therefore, a big tour was organized for Spain, Portugal, Madeira and Greece.
Maïtreyi Amma
News of the Spain Portugal Madeira Greece tour

On the last day of the novaratri to Varishtapuri, Śrī Tathāta blessed Maïtreyi Amma that she goes spread dharma in new countries and announce the Dharmasooya Mahayaga by 2014.
It is the wish of Śrī Tathāta that the greatest number of nationalities is represented in this great spiritual event.
Therefore, a big tour was organized for the Spain, the Portugal, Madeira and the Greece.


Athens, city of eternity…

“Know yourself – and you will know the universe and Gods” Socrates

Athens, the ancient city of knowledge and divine splendour at the time of Pericles, where art touched sublime heights with Phidias, a land of wisdom where democracy took birth in 507 BC, Athens has lost none of its light. Goddess Athena still chairs the destiny of the city that God put under her protection.

The first thing  Maïtreyi Amma did was to visit Athena on the Acropolis and  pray for Greece; though there is more no statue, and despite the scaffolding that can be seen everywhere, the radiation of the goddess is still present…
The Parthenon, always majestic, defying time despite its injuries, welcomes us into bright light…

Amma waited for a chance to visit this place for a long time… it is a very special moment of reconnection with the divine energy of Athena… Maïtreyi Amma listens to the Goddess, understands her message, and the connection with the dharma of today is tied in the most natural way.  The Divine Mother travels through time, eras, places, taking different names in different cultures, yet She is still here and Athena still shows and  reveals herself on the Parthenon hill; thousands of visitors come here every year and marvel over a wondrous splendour that still defies human understanding.

Athena and Mookambika! Incredible Athena too has  the three aspects of the Divine Motherwithin her, and Maïtreyi Amma very strongly feels the same energy as can be found at Mookambika Temple…

Amma devant le Parthénon

Maïtreyi Amma before the Parthenon

Amma devant le temple d'Athéna

The small temple of Athena near the Parthenon



Athena 2

Goddess Athena as she is represented on the site maps… Most unfortunately nothing remains of the gold and ivory statue sculpted by Phidias…

Amma 2

Amma 3

After this come back to the sources of wisdom of the Greek Gods, Maïtreyi Amma wanted to go to Delphi where more wonders were waiting for us…


Delphes Amma

Delphi, hangs onto the slope of Mount Parnassus, a jewel in the heart of a sea of olive trees that stretches out of sight to the turquoise waters of the Itea Gulf. Delphi a place chosen by the God Apollo.

“it is impossible for the light breeze blowing from this site not to overwhelm today’s visitor when his eyes fall for the first time on the unusually evocative place the ancient Greeks chose to define as the center of the world.”

We came to Delphi with an inexpressible palpitation, we had opened no book, solely lead by  memories living in us of this mythical place being the one where Appolo used to communicate with humans through his Pythia,…
As soon as we arrived, the beauty and mystery started working within us;  the site, almost deserted as it was, (we came in November) gave us its strength and its eternal message… We let time  blow through us…. Maïtreyi Amma was radiant .. Then, we had a surprise waiting for us: we found it in a short guide book, that very  evening, and it was was the link with the Dharma of Śrī Tathāta…

« …It was Kirra that served as the port of anchorage for the city of Delphi, across the plain of Krissa. This the first route taken by God Apollo in his travels, as he was seeked the ideal site for the establishment of his oracle…
The existing parallel with research lead by Śrī Tathāta for the right place to establish Dharma Pītha dawnwd on us…. There was a Divine Mother temple in Kollur, before  Śrī Tathāta chose that place to erect the Dharma Pītha temple dedicated to humanity. In Delphi too, there had been a very ancient temple to  goddess Athena!
History  repeated itself, in different times and different  places…

Discovering all this boosted our enthusiasm for  the mission of the Dharma in Greece. God had paved our  way to rediscover history.
We walked through the city of Athens for four days, exploring various locations and bookstores,meeting people… Many of them  spoke french. We discovered a dynamic city that despite the economic crisis is full of energy and good mooded, friendly, happy people. Maybe the  Divine Mother had already sowed the seeds of abundance and renewal…

Mr Pand F.  Have been living in Greece for 25 years; they were our first contacts for Dharma, in Greece. M. P., who is a Taichi teacher,  helped us find a conference hall and translated all the papers (flyers, newsletter )on Mahayaga.
F. was our translator for the group. S., a musician for the world, opened his hall for us and showed us  the night sight of the illuminated Parthenon: how stunning! It watches and shines over the sleeping city. .
A warm and amazing meeting with a small group of young people. They strongly wished Amma would come back  in May to prepare for the coming of Śrī Tathāta.
Two of them  decided to go to the Mahayaga…

Journey to Benares

From February 11th to February 16th  2013, Maïtreyi Amma with only a few close persons  went to Benares to pray in preparation for the 2014 Mahayaga at the great temples of the eternal city,  and to visit d the “children of Benares” that she has been supporting and helping since 1996. (During the year 96, she did a special seva as a renunciate, to nurse and comfort the gath children.)
Maïtreyi Amma continues to be a part in their life project, as a mother.


A great blessing from Śrī Tathāta for a new  life cycle for Maitreyi Amma, as is customary in the Vedic tradition.
On December 18th 2012, early in the morning, a homa took place before the Dharma Pītha with the presence of Śrī Tathāta, some monks of the ashram and a small group of Westerners who came at early time arrived for the major prayers on 21 December. A puja was done, and many Vedic hymns were chanted to usher in a new lifecycle for Maitreyi Amma. Then Śrī Tathāta performed the very special ritual for this big step in life and the beginning of great new missions…

Anniversaire Maïtreyi Amma 1 et 2

The closure of this beautiful moment with many faces show the deep joy shared by all.


Since 2003, Maitreyi Amma has devoted her whole time touring France and many countries to talk to people about Śrī Tathāta. In her new lifecycle, she will now give more time to silent retreat and pilgrimages in the footsteps of  great Sages and Saints, in France and abroad. On some occasions she will also give conferences, especially to explain about the Mahayaga conducted  in India by Śrī Tathāta, in 2014.
For all those who wish, it will be possible to meet her at the Jardin de Safran (only on appointment).


Maïtreyi Amma receives many e-mails, on various subjects. All those who need advice, help or prayers are free to write to her. All e-mails will be read by her within a week, but answer may take up to three weeks – or may come right away, according to the how urgent the matter may be.
Be assured that all mails do reach her, and that she will thoroughly work on any answer she gives you.