A special soul is incarnated

Maitreyi Amma was born in Normandy, France. At her birth, all those present could see a golden radiance emanate from the baby’s body.

She was born blind; this probably helped her being naturally in connection with higher worlds. Christ and the Virgin Mary used to appear to her frequently and guide her. She was a child full of joy. She recovered sight miraculously at the age of six and half. The connection with the divine worlds went on and the child was always wishing to share her perception that the Divine is real, that He is within us and all around.

At 11, the days of her solemn communion were marked by a special experience: the divine energy she knew well descended to the earthly world, making it wonderfully beautiful, while she was overwhelmed by limitless love and bliss. At 12, her father died: a time of responsibilities had already come as she had to assist her mother in caring for her little brothers and sisters.

At 17, Maitreyi Amma wished to go to India. During her adolescence, her soul was indeed nourished not only by Christ and the Virgin Mary but also by a yogi, who instructed her. Above all, she had the inner certainty that she had a high mission to fulfill, the first step of which was to meet a great sage in India. But the age of legal majority was then set at 21 and her family forbad her to leave. The Holy Mother Maria appeared to her and made her understand that the time of her mission had not come and that she had to experience family life in the West. She married and bore two sons. She was not spared hardships, but faced them without getting discouraged. Her intense spiritual life went on in parallel to her active life as a mother.

India, the land of Sages

In 1996, when her sons had grown to become adults, Maitreyi Amma was free to accomplish her quest at last: she left for India. In Delhi, she had a very great experience: the Divine appeared to her in the form of light. He guided her and asked her to serve Him in Benares.

Maitreyi Amma entourée des enfants de Bénares
Maitreyi Amma (Nishta) surrounded with children in Varanassi

She made her Seva over one year, caring for the children of the Ghats (steps leading down to the Ganges or Ganga River) and giving them solace. She became a Mother in Benares.

Then she continued her journey, making a great number of pilgrimages throughout India and the Himalayas, with periods of retreat in a cave near Rishikesh, and with high spiritual experiences marking her returns to France. During this time she met many great Indian masters.

The encounter

Her thirst for Truth remained unsatisfied, so she implored the Divine, first at Benares on the bank of the Ganga, and then at Kudacatri, Śankarācarya’s mountain above Kollur, to let her meet the one with whom she would fulfill her true mission. Then one day in February 2000, in Kollur (Karnataka), she felt thirsty and “by chance” entered a house. Śrī Tathāta gave her some water. She immediately recognised him as the most purely divine being on earth, and also as the yogi who used to support and instruct her during her childhood.

Maitreyi Amma à son arrivée à l'ashram de Sri Tathata

Maitreyi Amma (Nishta) upon arrival at the ashram of Sri Tathata

From that moment on, he guided her telepathically every day for a year. In February 2001, she received telepathic messages urging her to go to Śrī Tathāta’s ashram. When she arrived there, her heart was filled with immense joy and she knew that her new life had begun.A few weeks later, Śrī Tathāta initiated her into his particular pranayama. After spending some months at his side, he asked her to return to France to begin the mission.

The mission

Since then she has been travelling throughout the world, giving conferences, teachings and Darshans. The most intense moments are during her darshans, as she is in Union with Śrī Tathāta and also radiates the light and grace of the Divine Mother. Many are struck by her joy, her love and her wisdom which puts fresh light on the various aspects of life in the West. Her radiance was recognized by the Prize for Peace of the Italian Association Shanti Mandir in September 2006.

Maitreyi Amma en janvier 2006
Maitreyi Amma in Kerala (January 2006)

At the same time, Maitreyi Amma has been speaking tirelessly of Śrī Tathāta and his great mission for mankind to all those whom she has met since 2002. This has led more and more Western people to go to India to receive Śrī Tathāta’s teachings and initiations. In 2007, a major development took place: Śrī Tathāta who had never before left India accepted Maitreyi Amma’s invitation to come to France. A property was then purchased in the Lot (south western France) and a centre was born, named “Le Jardin de Safran” (the Saffron Garden). Śrī Tathāta’s coming to France was an immense success, more than 1,000 people coming to receive his teachings and initiations. After his second visit to Europe in 2008, Śrī Tathāta named Maitreyi Amma co-chair of the organizating committee of the Mahayaga, a great Vedic ritual which he conducted in February, 2009 in Kerala (India). More than 300,000 people came to attend this immense spiritual event, including 500 Westerners.