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Sri Tathata
Sri Tathata

Tathata means He who is That in Sanskrit. Sri Tathata is an enlightened sage born in Kerala and living in his Kollur (Karnataka) ashram. From the first meeting with this great Soul, his love touches us in the deepest of our being. The atmosphere around him, his simplicity, his words, all encourage everyone to reconnect to their infant heart.
At his birth many signs showed him to be a Divine child and Sri Tathata spent his early years meditating alone, in absorption into the Divine. As a young man, he followed the strict discipline of a yogi. Then came the time of his mission: to reveal the Divine Nature of Human Beings and lead them to their highest spiritual level.

Sri Tathata's Message

Sri Tathata, guided by the Divine Mother since an early age, introduces a new dimension to both Indian and Western spirituality. For Sri Tathata, there is no separation between material and spiritual life: the spiritual exercices that he teaches help us live our love life, family life and professional life in harmony. Through his teachings, Sri Tathata guides us on the way of Soul; furthermore, he initiates to a particular pranayama, which transforms the cellular level and leads to mastering the passage of death.
Mankind is today on the verge of making a great leap forward towards living Divine Life, as many can feel in the West. But one could ask how such a huge change is possible in a short while. The key of this evolution is Divine Grace. At certain Times, and this is the case of ours, the Divine energy gets closer to mankind through great avatars such as Sri Tathata.

Sri Tathata's ashrams and Dharma Peetha

Very early, several men of his region recognised Sri Tathata as a great sage, and they began to live close to him to receive his teachings and serve him. Today they are the 10 Maytris (initiated men), who are pillars of the two ashrams founded by Sri Tathata. The first of these is at his birth place in Varishthapuri (Kerala, south India) and the second in Kollur (Karnataka).
At the beginning of the 1990s, Sri Tathata was requested by the Divine to build a gathering place to help mankind rise to fulfilment. Kollur, a small town in Karnataka was chosen as its location. Kollur is an important center for pilgrims due to its Temple to the Divine Mother (Three Mothers' Temple); the great monk-philosopher Shankaracharya (788-820) obtained enlightenment on the nearby mountain at the age of 7 after having prayed in this Temple.
Sri Tathata built Dharma Peetha whose architecture is original and inspiring. It is a Sri Chakra. Since its consecration on July 6th 2006, the Temple has been radiating onto the whole world (see the section dedicated to the Dharma Peetha).

Maitreyi Amma, offering Sri Tathata's Message to the World

In February 2000, Maitreyi Amma met Sri Tathata in his Kollur ashram. In 2001, she spent seven and a half months at his side, before Sri Tathata asked her to go back to the world. Maitreyi Amma thus started offering Sri Tathata's message to France.
In a very short while, a small group of French people recognised who she was. From that time, a profound relationship was established between them all and Sri Tathata and an association was created to help Maitreyi Amma in her mission. It is about making Sri Tathata known, to allow those who are ready, who thirst after a Divine energy, to get connected to the flow of Divine Grace and to fulfil the way.
The darshans given by Maitreyi Amma, filled with the light and grace of the Divine Mother and in Union with Sri Tathata, are a precious resource in these times of great change. Her teachings, sat-sangs, conferences and seminars guide and nurture those who come to her. Since 2004, Maitreyi Amma has been having new responsibilities: spread Sri Tathata's light and make Dharma Peetha known throughout the world.

"Nature is simple always and complex at times. But man is simple at times and complex always. This difference is self-made. Basically man and nature are one and the same. Nature aims for perfection. Man also aims for Divine perfection. So if man tunes himself to nature by remaining steadfastly to his own Dharma, nature's movement will take hold of him for the realisation of perfection. And thus effortlessly he can attain his goal. A simple life in tune with nature is the way for it."

Sri Tathata

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